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Pocket Code Organizer (PCOrg)

use. Not only this but if you want to access the captured accessible information (web sites, phone numbers, e-mails and locations) using PCOrg you can do this conveniently and comfortably. If you have captured a Barcode from a product (UPC) or book and you want to search it on Internet, just use search button and application will search it on net and show you the links containing that Barcode (if there are any). This application is not a web scanner for product information or prices but if product price and/or  other information associated with that barcode is available on Internet, you will be able to see all such links and use them to enjoy required information.   

Now you can have more power and convenience to capture, organize and use common Barcodes and QR Codes and use them to access available information instantly even while you are on the go. Always keep your PCOrg ready in your pocket for capturing new and important information any time any where.

Ensure there is plenty of light.

Distance should be about 3 to 5 inches.

Shake to force the camera to focus.

Wait for the auto focus to finish.

Hold Still while the code is scanned

Pocket Code Organizer (PCOrg) is an easy to use pocket code scanner and scanned information organizer.

Create your Code Category e.g. Books, Advertisements, Business Cards, Products, Coupons etc., scan the Barcodes or QR Codes and keep all scanned information organized, (category wise) for future

Select code category from predefined six categories and start scanning codes right away.

You can also customize the category list as per your requirements and could add, edit or delete categories.


Before deleting the category make sure that you have transferred your captured data, else all data will be lost.

Once you have selected the category and ready to scan the code just tap at the “Scan Code” button. Camera screen will open and PCORG application is ready to scan the code.

Slowly bring the Barcode or QR code in focus and application will capture the picture and and data. Data will be saved along with time stamp in selected category and will remain there for further use.

The saved data could be used instantly (if available in correct format) to access the web pages, phone numbers, emails and locations. The PCORG can also be used to capture and access Vcards, MeCards.


Limitations, Exclusions, More Tips!

PCORG is designed to work with most of the Barcodes and QR Codes and is tested well for it. However, if application is not working properly, please check the following:

  1. The code is complete (i.e. No tear offs of code paper, no missing pieces of paper etc.)
  2. The code picture is clear and is not blurry or faded.
  3. Captured web site link will not be accessed and open page if it is not in correct format (mydomain.com will probably not work until it is http://www.mycompany.com).
  4. For QR Codes on business cards, this application is currently tested for VCards and MeCards, however, it will capture data from other formats also but that data can not mostly be used for instant access.
  5. Since this application is designed to scan from printed materials, If you are trying to capture image directly from your computer screen, it is possible that scanning may fail due to inappropriate resolution of picture.
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